Most Exotic Cocktails In The World

By Harley Kemp / 2017-10-10
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If you are a type of person who likes to go out with his friends to hang out at some club, while enjoying some really unique tasking and looking cocktails, then we might have something in common. One issue that some people are having, that I realized when they need to order a drink, they don’t know which one to choose because none of them are familiar to them. If you don’t know anything about cocktails, then you will most likely have a hard time figuring out which drink to order. However, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because I am here to help you out by educating you about some of the most exotic cocktails in the world that you simply must try out.

Lychee Martini

Every cocktail that you see will be prepared differently, you can find some cocktails that are very similar tasting, but usually, they are served differently. One of the things that you must know about cocktails is that there are two major types women cocktails and men cocktails. When you go out with your guy friends, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by ordering a girly cocktail. If you are a woman, then a Lychee Martini is a great choice because it is served as a girly cocktail. This cocktail is a mix of vodka, lychee juice, and some vermouth.

Blue Lagoon

Blue LagoonIf you are all about trying out some new things every time that you visit a cocktail bar, then I recommend that next time you go try ordering a blue lagoon. This is a drink that you might have heard of because it is very popular, there is no person that I know who doesn’t like a blue lagoon. If you close your eyes for few seconds while you are drinking this cocktail, then you can experience the Caribbean waters. You need to let the drink take you away, and enjoy every little bit of it. This drink is a mixture of vodka and Curacao. Very simple drink, but unique tasting because of the curacao ingredient. The unique taste is coming from the Curacao island where a laraha fruit can be found.

Pina Colada
I present to you another very famous cocktail that many people like because of the unique and sweet taste. If you like the smell or the taste of rum, then this is the perfect cocktail for you because it has a mixture of 2 different rums. White and dark rum are combined with pineapple juice and a little bit of coconut cream. All of this when mixed together gives you the taste that you will never forget. This drink is the official cocktail of Puerto Rico and they say that this drink is just for people that know how to spell FUN.Pina Colada

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