Foods we avoid for no reason

By Harley Kemp / 2017-11-14

We are well known as a country whose cuisine revolves around fast food. We are also known for not using ingredients that everyone else uses. And some of those foods we avoid are extremely healthy, and we should use them on a regular basis.

The food industry is focused on a dozen or so foods that they advertise and sell. But things we buy on a regular basis aren’t the tastiest or the healthiest options we have. We are made to believe that they are better than everything else, but the truth is that they are trash compared to foods about which you will read here.

Tasty ingredients we should include in our diets

It’s strange how little we pay attention to green vegetables. For example, you got kale, a veggie similar to broccoli and cabbage in some nutrients it contains. It has a mildly peppery taste and works well in many salads. You can eat it instead of the cabbage or broccoli, and your health will improve as this vegetable has more lutein and zeaxanthin than spinach, which is known as one of the healthiest green plants. I should mention spinach as well, as we don’t eat it on a regular basis even though it is both tasty and healthy at the same time.

Greek yogurt doesn’t have any strong taste, and thus everyone can use it in cooking. It’s a healthy yogurt, and it contains a lot of protein. It works well in both sweet and salty dishes as it doesn’t add any substantial taste to them. The best way to consume Greek yogurt is to add it to a salad as a part of the dressing.

We eat little beans even though they are a tasty ingredient. I am not talking about one type of beans but as a food group. And don’t think that canned beans are a good thing because it isn’t. Buy fresh beans and either cook or fry them. They work well when added to green salads and they create a delicious broth when you combine them with cooked meat.

Sweet foods we should eat on regular basis

Pomegranate is a fruit that contains a broad array of nutrients, and it’s a shame people aren’t using to more than they do. Its juice works exceptionally well in marines, dressing, and sauces. Many chefs add it to their salads or combine them with roast meat. You can do all that, or you can eat it raw as it is a tasty fruit.

You might consider papaya as being an exotic fruit which is not available in our country, but you would be wrong to think that. Many Asian shops sell this fruit, and you should buy it as soon as you see one. Its taste is unlike anything you have tried. It is a healthy fruit which is an excellent addition to fruit salads.

Avocado is another fruit we avoid. It packs more nutrients than any other fruit, and it is readily available in every shop throughout the country. You can add it to various dishes, or just eat it raw, as its taste is something everyone loves.

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